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JBJSF Teams Up With Students from Hopeworks ‘N Camden


Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation has teamed up with the trainees and staff at Hopeworks ‘N Camden to create a video highlighting the work we have done since the start of the Foundation in 2006. We chose Hopeworks ‘N Camden as our partner to provide their students an opportunity to further their experiences in computer and editing skills. Click here to watch the video now.

In Jon’s Own Words: What I Learned


Our work is very important to us and here at the JBJSF we recognize the great challenges in taking on such a global issue as homelessness and more specifically, the right to safe and affordable housing for all. With guidance from our mentors and with the resources of our community partners we have made great strides and housed hundreds of individuals and families that have either experienced or been on the threshold of homelessness.

Happy 4 Year Anniversary!


On October 5, 2006 the Jon Bon Jovi SOUL Foundation officially opened it’s
doors. In these past four years so much has been accomplished to better the
lives of men, women and children all over this nation. Our focus has always
been on the creation of programs and partnerships targeted at breaking the
cycle of poverty and homelessness. Since opening our doors four years ago
today we have focused our funding on projects that have offered affordable
housing, job training and social services to those in need. We exist to
combat issues that force families and individuals into economic despair.

Congratulations to the Oasis Center!


Congratulations to the Oasis Center on their new kitchen facility and it’s use as a communal space within their program. For the past year and a half they have cooked
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GreenUP Update!


On October 19, 2009, the JBJSF partnered with Greater Camden Partnerships and other Camden organizations to fund a vacant lot stabilization program we named GreenUP. With the help of hundreds of volunteers, we cleaned and greened more than 81 lots (141,000 square feet of vacant land). The final phase of the GreenUP program had volunteers planting shrubs and more than 50 trees in the Lanning Square neighborhood.

Almost one year later, we are proud to report that there has not been a single act of vandalism or any reports of a single illicit act on one of the greened lots! The lots are being maintained regularly by the staff and volunteers at Greater Camden Partnership.

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